Simple & Cost Efficient

Protection Made

Simple & Cost Efficient

Protection Made

All-Weather Protection

Key Features

How it Helps the Machine? Let’s understand

High Quality Fabrics

3 Layer Protection

All Weather Protection

Simple Installation


Custom Fit

The Best Air Conditioner Covers Are Completely Made In India.

Product Benefits

Extended Lifespan

Energy Efficiency

Easy Maintenance

Peace of Mind

Year-Round Protection

How it Helps the Machine? Let's understand

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How it Helps the Machine?

Protected Outdoors and Counting
One Day Dispatch Prior Your Order
Channel Partners All Over India

Triple Layer Protection

Our covers are made to resist a variety of weather scenarios, guaranteeing that your air conditioner will continue to operate flawlessly for the whole year. Our coverings are made of sturdy, weather-resistant fabrics and are long-lasting. They repel water, are tear-proof, and are resistant to UV rays.

Small Change, Big Impact

GEM: Green Earth Movement


Reduced Energy Consumption

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan


Less Maintenance and Waste

Let's see what our happy customers say about us


Found the exact what I needed. It's been 6 months since I have installed and satisfied with the product performance.
Daiv Kumar
Good built quality and perfect fit for my outdoor unit. Guru Venture has introduced unique and innovative way to protect.
Manoj Patel
We usually make fabricated shade here in Chennai for protection but this AC protection has provided the solution with less cost and more elegant way.
Anand K. Reddy