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The best air conditioner covers are completely Made In India.

Product Information

Your Outdoor Unit SUFFERS MORE than You think

Scorching Heat, Rain, Dust causes Many Problems

Compressor & Condenser bear EXTRA LOAD during Hot Summer Days

Resulting in Poor Performance, Late Cooling, Heavy Electricity Bills

NO Extra Load on Compressor & Condenser

Less Energy Consumption Reduced Electricity Bill

All-Weather Protection


GURU: Premium AC Protection


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Perfect for compact sized. Fitting well, protecting All-Weather.


  • DURABLE DESIGN Made of high-quality materials (Aluminum foil, Length adjustable hooks), a durable construction design ensures the max protection for your air conditioner outdoor.
  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION This AC Protection is built to scorching heat, heavy rain keeping the temperature of the machine to a minimum. It effectively blocks UV rays and heat in summer, preventing leaves, rust, mildew, and debris buildup on your ac unit. It avoids the hassle of cleaning out the AC unit regularly.
  • EASY TO SETUP You can cover the entire AC outdoor surface. For proper fit, then adjust hook position around AC outdoor unit for easy assembly and removal. These secure and help stay on AC outdoor unit firmly during windy conditions.
  • FULL COVERAGE Size designed to fit over the top of standard AC outdoor unit (1.0 Ton) (1.5/2.0 Ton), achieves maximum coverage for your outdoor unit. We recommend customer to measure ac unit first before purchasing and ensure you get the right size.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACATION This “Guru: Premium AC Protection” provides ultimate protection for your machine against all the elements. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions with our AC guard, we will take care of your issue. Buy in confidence now!


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We ship all over India.

Orders will be prepared and dispatched in 24 hours and reach to your doorstep in 7 days.

Protect your outdoor unit in scorching heat, rain to attain maximum performance.

Additional information

Additional information

Select Size of Unit

1.0 Ton, 1.5 – 2.0 Ton

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AC cover

GURU: Premium AC Protection

Buy 2 At  Rs.2800


Key Features

How it Helps the Machine? Let's understand

Simple Installation

All Weather Protection

High Quality Fabrics

3 Layer Protection


Custom Fit

Ultimate Protection for Your Outdoor Unit

Protected Outdoors
and Counting
1000 +
One Day Dispatch Prior Your Order
Channel Partners All
Over India

How it Helps the Machine?

Reflects 99% Sunrays Keeping Temperature of Outdoor to Minimum

NO Extra Load on
Compressor & Condenser

Resulting in Optimum Capacity, Maximum Efficiency & Long Life of AC

Benefits of using Guruventure AC protectors

Extended Lifespan

Save a lot of money on expensive repairs & replacements by keeping your air conditioner shielded from the elements and debris.

Energy Efficiency

Your energy costs and carbon footprint will go down when your air conditioner is well-maintained.

Easy Maintenance

By using our covers, you'll be able to enjoy a nice, cosy home for longer and spend less time maintaining and cleaning.

Peace of Mind

Get rid of concerns about dirt, leaves, and other material getting inside your AC unit and perhaps damaging it.

Year-Round Protection

Whether it's the sweltering sun, bitter cold, or rainy days, our coverings protect throughout the year.

Triple Layer Protection

For Extra Durability

Our covers are made to resist a variety of weather scenarios, guaranteeing that your air conditioner will continue to operate flawlessly for the whole year. Our coverings are made of sturdy, weather-resistant fabrics and are long-lasting. They repel water, are tear-proof, and are resistant to UV rays.

All-Weather Protection

The outdoor unit, the heart of your Air Conditioner works as a heat exchanger needs to be protected and shaded from direct exposure from the Sun to work at ” optimum capacity. “

GEM: Green Earth Movement

Small Change, Big Impact


Reduced Energy Consumption

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan


Less Maintenance and Waste

Conservation of Natural Resources

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  • Daiv Kumar
    Daiv Kumar
    Found the exact what I needed. It's been 6 months since I have installed and satisfied with the product performance.
  • Good built quality and perfect fit for my outdoor unit. Guru Venture has introduced unique and innovative way to protect.
  • Anand K. Reddy
    Anand K. Reddy
    We usually make fabricated shade here in Chennai for protection but this AC protection has provided the solution with less cost and more elegant way.

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